Impressum & Privacy Policy


Extra Arms Nanny Agency
Rigaerstr. 29D 10247 Berlin, Germany
Inhaberin: Giulia Baldisserri Benko
Steuernummer: 14/215/02957
USt-IdNr: DE302062551

GDPR Compliance Statement

Extra Arms is a small business, and we care very much about the privacy of the Families, Nannies and Sitters who look for each other through us. Below is a description of how we gather, store, use and delete the data concerning them.

We have kept it relatively short: more detailed information on how we ensure we stay GDPR compliant can be obtained by our anyone who legitimately wishes to have it, by sending an email to, and asking for it!

If you would like to be forgotten by Extra Arms please just drop us a line at to let us know. We will reply to your email in order to confirm that we have received your request, and then proceed to delete all data we have on you.

How do we obtain consent to process data?

  • All Families and Nannies, will, as of May 25th 2018, be invited to peruse and sign an addendum to our T&Cs describing the ways in which we treat and keep the data they provide us with, what we use it for and how they can ask us to delete it. All will have a chance to differentiate between giving consent to data treatment for the purposes of searches only, or if they also are happy to allow us to occasionally send on information not directly related to their search.
  • Those Families who get in touch with us through the On-Call Babysitting Service will have a chance to give us consent to treat, store and use their data when submitting their Sitter request.
  • Those who have been in touch with us only briefly via email or phone (for example, in order to request general information) will be asked for permission to process data in one of the ways described above if they decide to become a Nanny on our books, or a Family searching for a Nanny through us.

What kind of data do we gather?

  • Names, home addresses and contacts (email and phone) of all Nannies, all Sitters, and all Families who choose to reach out to us.
  • All information that the Nannies, Sitters and Families have provided us with during interviews, consultations and the handling of On-Call Babysitting requests.

When do we gather the data?

  • We take notes throughout consultations and interviews, be they carried out in person, on the phone or via video calls.
  • Whenever you send us information via email and messages, tell us about it on the phone or communicate with us in any other way – if the information you are sharing with us is relevant to your Nanny/Job search, then we will probably record it and store it. If it isn’t, we won’t.
  • This website does not collect any data itself, but of course your details will reach us via email if you use one of its contact forms in order to get in touch.

What do we use that data for?

  • To run Nanny searches: that is, to determine exactly what kind of position each Family is looking to fill, and what kind of position each Nanny is hoping to find. Only then can we successfully match, introduce and accompany Families and Nannies on their way to successful working relationships.
  • To fulfil On-Call Babysitting requests: we pass the info regarding the borough, hours, age/number of children, presence of medical conditions and presence of pets in the home to the Sitters team in order to gauge interest in a request. Once the request is accepted by a Sitter we will share the Family’s email address with the Sitter, and allow the Family and Sitter to share exact location and other contacts with each other.
  • To keep in touch with Nannies and Families that Extra Arms has introduced, in order to check in on their progress and provide support throughout each placement.
  • To keep Families and Nannies informed of events and training that Extra Arms might occasionally organise/provide.

We send Nanny CVs on to Families only if and when a Nanny has expressed interest in a position and wishes for their candidature to be put through to the Family offering it. Similarly, a Family’s email address will only be shared with a Nanny if the Family has chosen to offer that Nanny an interview. All other contacts will be shared by both parties autonomously.

Where does Extra Arms store the data collected?

  • On encrypted laptops, and encrypted external storage disks.
  • On a German cloud with servers located in Germany.
  • The only data that Extra Arms records on actual paper are the full names of Nannies and Families who signed the paper version of our T&Cs at the office, along with the hard copy CV each Nanny provides us with upon first interview. These documents are housed at Extra Arms’ HQ and are destroyed every six months or so, unless they refer to Families or Nannies who are still searching through us, or are on a placement brokered by us.

How do we ensure that third party services we use are GDPR compliant?

  • We obtain GDPR compliance agreements from all third party services that are involved in the running of Extra Arms and thus process customer data (they are: the webmail, the cloud, the task manager, the invoicing service).
  • Our bank and our tax advisor are Berlin based, we are their customers and they are GDPR compliant.

What measures do we take in order to proactively protect the data we collect?

  • We do not allow third party soft services to sync with each other, or with any other application or services we might use in our personal lives.
  • We only gather the data we need in order to efficiently do our job, and then we process it as little as possible. The info we know to be highly sensitive never moves from its folder on the cloud at all, and is deleted as soon as we no longer need to keep it.
  • We encrypt our disks and use a secure password manager.
  • Only two human beings have access to the information Extra Arms needs to process in order to function. We have never experienced a breach.

How long do we keep data for?

  • In the case of Families and Nannies who have come together through us, we will keep their data for as long as the placement lasts, unless they asks us to forget them.
  • In the case of Families or Nannies who decide to look for a Nanny or a position thorough us, we will keep data as long as their search is running, unless they ask us to forget them, or have not been in touch for more than three months.
  • Every three months we go through the info@ and sitters@ mailboxes and delete the contacts of any Family or Nanny who has not been in touch during the time between these quarterly checks. We then proceed to delete all other data pertaining to those same Families and Nannies.

How can anyone who has come in contact with Extra Arms ask to be forgotten?

If you would like to be forgotten by Extra Arms please just drop us a line at asking us to delete all information we hold on you. We will reply to your email in order to confirm that we have received your request, and then proceed to do so at once.