Long-term childcare for families

Finding a Nanny or a Babysitter in Berlin

Finding a Babysitter or a Nanny in Berlin can be labor intensive and time consuming. Finding the right match can be complicated.

Our goal is not only to find your Nanny or Babysitter,  but to act as a mediator and guide in establishing sustainable and positive dynamics, within a very unique kind working relationship.

The process

We can help you find your Babysitter and Nanny in Berlin: click on the “We need a Nanny” button on the left and let us know what you need. We’ll be in touch to schedule a family consultation during which we will discuss all options and costs with you in detail. We’ll share information and resources and follow-up with a bespoke quote. Once you activate your search with us we’ll introduce you to well matched candidates and guide you through negotiations, the drafting of your agreement and its appropriate management. We’ll be available to you throughout you work with your Nanny.

We represent Nannies who wish to work part or full time, mid (under twelve months) to long (over twelve months) term. We can run with searches for a minimum of six hours per week, and that involve shifts that are at least three hours long. You should expect costs for the Nanny’s care to range from twenty-two to thirty-five Euros per hour (very senior Nannies may charge more).

Did you and your Nanny find each other in the wild and need support setting up? We can offer an External Placement process involving one consultation with each party, one consultation with all parties present to support you in the drafting of a bilingual document you may use as your contract/agreement, support with contract registration (when desired) and continued support during your work together.

Let’s start now contacting us:

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Agencies fees:*

Family consultation

€ 65

Search activation

€ 65

Fee for fixed term placements

12% of the total gross value of the placement

Fee for permanent placements (except Mini Jobs)

10% of yearly gross Nanny salary

Fee for Mini Job placements

€ 650

Fee for external placements

40% of what we’d charge if the placement was internal

*All listed prices are exclusive of VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why work with a Nanny?


Child-rearing was never meant to be carried out in isolation. Families often find themselves with a reduced support network, especially if they moved to a big city leaving their extended family behind. We want to ensure that the childcare arrangements we bring about work in the best interest of the children involved, aiming to support parents in finding more time and joy to share with their children, without compromising their well-being as people.

What do Nannies look for in an employer?


Above all, Nannies seek families who will not forget that Nannies are real, whole people. Nannies want to be helpful, and can best provide their much needed support when their emotional as well as practical work is acknowledged. Our job as agency is to help families and Nannies find a positive balance that allows all to thrive within this special kind of working relationship.

What can a Nanny offer “their” family?


A Nanny will provide high quality care and share the family’s mental and logistical load: you will have an entire other adult in the mix to help you keep your systems going and create space for you and your children to enjoy together.

How does searching for a Nanny via Extra Arms work?


We will book you in for a family consultation, during which we’ll discuss your needs in detail, help you translate them into a draft job description and understand what costs will be involved. Once you activate the search we will put you in touch with appropriate candidates and support you through interviews and negotiations. Once your Nanny is found you will be guided through the drafting of your agreement and managing it appropriately.

How experienced are Nannies?


We will consider all applicants with a minimum of two years experience and two childcare references, but the range goes all the way to 30 years of experience and in-home childcare specific training. Not all Nannies will be suited to all positions, but we believe there is a match for everyone.

What hours and compensation are Nannies looking for?


Our Nannies will consider positions from 6 to 46 hours per week: depending on their circumstances they may be looking for part to full time work. Compensation will depend on factors such as experience, training, age and number of children in their care and other contextual variables, you should expect hourly rates in the range of 18 to 35 euros gross per hour.

What is the difference between Nanny and Babysitter?


A Nanny will enter into a mid to long term working relationship with a family (3 months +) and become an integral part of the childcare dynamic. A Babysitter will provide warm, professional care on an occasional basis, remaining somewhat external to the childcare dynamic.