We are not experts. We have supported many families and their children through the years. We have witnessed a wide range of experiences, and have learned to overcome many a bump in the road. We cannot promise sure and fast solutions. We can offer ears well trained to listen, open minds well versed in the gymnastics of family interactions, knowledge on childhood, its wonders and frustrations, and a keen desire to support you in determining what you need for yourself and your family.

Extra Arms can offer an empathetic ear and a sincere desire to support you navigate issues you might be facing as a parent, keeper of home and balancer of the many roles each adult embodies within their family. Our work as Nannies and as Agency has allowed us to observe the wide range of what works for many, what works for only a few and what never works for anyone. Our minds are open, we might have a few useful thoughts and point you to good resources. If you think you might need some guidance but are not yet sure what way to go, get in touch and we’ll start with a chat, follow up with a overview of how we could help and then you can decide where to go from there.