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An Ethical Nanny Agency

Extra Arms is an Ethical Nanny Agency that aims to put families and Nannies in touch and support them in creating fair, safe and sustainable working relationships. We know that all parents need help caring for their children, and believe that all Nannies need to achieve a good work-life balance, enabling them to provide high quality care. We support our family/nanny pairings throughout their time together by sharing information, remaining available to them, mediating conflicts, organizing training, and creating spaces for growth and interaction. Our priority is not to accumulate capital, but to ensure the survival of the Extra Arms project so that we can invest time in understanding the territory we operate on, the consequences of the way we do business and how best to cater to the needs of those who come through our doors. We welcome any and all feedback on any aspect of what we do, from anyone who has come in contact with us, so that we become as useful as we can possibly be.