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Extra Arms is a Nanny-run agency. We believe childcare work plays a fundamental role in society and deserves to be recognised and supported. The agency offers mid to long term part and full time placements, as well as On Demand Babysitting for families and childcare for businesses and events.

We welcome Nannies from all walks of life. After you submitted your application, we will be in touch for an interview and once you join the books you’ll be able to apply for positions through us. We will be very present and involved in your job search, negotiation process and the drafting of your agreement with a family. We will support you throughout your work, provide training opportunities and introduce you to colleagues so you never have to work in isolation.

We wish to build community with and for Nannies. We want to do this because Nanny work can be isolating, and working alone means that cares do not have the opportunity to ask for advice, vent, find new inspiration, seek support. We wish to think critically about our work, how it interacts with and is determined by context and history, about the choices we make as carers and their impact on our wellbeing and that of the children and families we care for. We believe that both self reflection and collective reflection must happen in order to find clarity.

Our job search and support services are free of charge for Nannies.


Sample Nanny Reference


References from families you cared for are very important. Here’s a guideline you can use when requesting one.

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Unlock new opportunities with our specialized Nanny CV template.

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Download our cover letter template to contextualize your childcare expertise.

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April 20, 2024

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Child educator

I am an early childhood educator and worked through the agency for almost 2 years while I was in Berlin. Giulia was an unbelievable mentor for me, guided me every step of the way and taught me how to defend my rights as an employee. She is an amazing professional and very knowlegable about this job and both families I worked with through her agency were also super satisfied with her. As for me, talking from the nanny’s side, this agency taught me how to be a real “professional caregiver I absolutely recommend her both to parents and colleagues. 10/10!”

By Child educator

Name of reviewer

Giulia and her team really worked very professionally, they help us find good candidates and gave us the confidence to hire a great nanny. Giulia’s advices and tools really helped navigating this process. I recommend anyone!”

By Name of reviewer