Can I get to know my Sitter prior to the session?

Yes, in one of the following ways:

  • You can ask your Sitter for a video or regular call, ideally no longer than 30 minutes. Your Sitter will do their best to accommodate your wish. This time does not need to be compensated.
  • You can ask your Sitter to arrive one hour earlier than you original request. This extra hour will need to be compensated at the same rate as other hours.
  • You can agree with your Sitter on a get-to-know-you session prior to the original session you requested, once you are in touch with them. As all our sessions, the get-to-know-you session will need to be a minimum 3h in length and requested officially via the request form on the site, naming your Sitter as preferred Sitter (you can request once you have settled on a time and date with your Sitter).