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Why work with a Nanny?

Child-rearing was never meant to be carried out in isolation. Families often find themselves with a reduced support network, especially if they moved to a big city leaving their extended family behind. We want to ensure that the childcare arrangements we bring about work in the best interest of the children involved, aiming to support Why work with a Nanny?

What can a Nanny offer “their” family?

A Nanny will provide high quality care and share the family’s mental and logistical load: you will have an entire other adult in the mix to help you keep your systems going and create space for you and your children to enjoy together.

How experienced are Nannies?

We will consider all applicants with a minimum of two years experience and two childcare references, but the range goes all the way to 30 years of experience and in-home childcare specific training. Not all Nannies will be suited to all positions, but we believe there is a match for everyone.

What is the difference between Nanny and Babysitter?

A Nanny will enter into a mid to long term working relationship with a family (3 months +) and become an integral part of the childcare dynamic. A Babysitter will provide warm, professional care on an occasional basis, remaining somewhat external to the childcare dynamic.

Can my Sitter work on a split schedule?

Sitters and Nannies usually prefer not to work on a split schedule. If you absolutely need your Sitter to take a break during the session, please consider offering to pay for those hours and/or offering meals, a place for them to sit and rest and anything that will make the split schedule possible.

Will my Sitter support my family with household chores?

As a rule, you should expect your Sitter to provide childcare only. Depending on the length of the shifts you have booked and the specifics of your situation, your Sitter may decide to offer additional support with small, child related household tasks.