Nanny Academy – Module 1

Newborn Care


This module will cover the basics of newborn care with the help and guidance of Annie Kocher (C.D).

Topics covered will include holding, dipering, bathing, caring for the umbilical stump, bottle feeding, supporting breast feeding and expressing, formula feeding, soothing, and sleep. We will also cover how to support the parents of a new baby, the concepts of active listening and holding space for families.

The course will be taught through English.

If you are a speaker of another language let us know and we’ll discuss how we can make it possible for you to attend.

Price for the course is 40 euros (inc. VAT).

The course is hosted by Extra Arms Nanny Agency and will take place at our office in Rigaer Straße 29D 10247 (Samariterstraße U-Bahn, Frankfurter Allee S-Bahn, Frankfurter Tor M10).

Giulia Baldisserri, who set up the agency, will welcome you at the start of the day and introduce the agency to those who are not yet on our books or working through us.

Annie’s lesson will start at 10.30 sharp and end at 15.30.

From 15.30 to 17.00 Giulia will encourage students to participate in a group discussion, share thoughts, feedback, experiences, research, resources and ask any questions they might have regarding the course topic or the agency itself.

To sign up please drop us a line via email at

You will receive an invoice per email, and as soon as it is paid your spot will be reserved.

The course fee is non-refundable, but you will be able to use it toward this or any other future Nanny Academy module.

Should the course be canceled you will of course receive a full refund.




About Annie Kocher:

Annie Kocher, CD, is a bilingual (English & German), internationally certified doula providing perinatal companionship to families in Berlin since moving their practice from New York in 2015. Their compassionate, evidence-based, queer inclusive services include birth companionship, postpartum care, and ritual work. As a doula, they combine advanced physiological knowledge of fertility, pregnancy, birth and nursing with intuition and spiritual awareness. Annie practice is founded in a reverence for birthing people, respect for radical vulnerability, passion for creating safe spaces, and appreciation of unconventional, queer and non-binary experiences of parenting. Their work is based on anti-oppressive framework in which they prioritize slowness, awareness, connection, integration, and other pre- patriarchal ways of being. A deep love for newborns and their needs and languages was a huge part of what drew Annie to doula work in the first place. Having cared for newborns and newborn families for over ten years, they are excited to share their knowledge and experience with other caregivers through this course.