Nanny Shares are arrangements in which a few families pool resources in order to share the care and the cost of a Nanny.

They can be:

  • Vertical, with all hours of care shared and all children looked after together
  • Horizontal, when families share the same Nanny but at different times during the week
  • A combination of vertical and horizontal
  • Fixed, always hosted in the same family home
  • Itinerant, changing location at regular intervals
  • A combination of fixed and itinerant
  • Regularized though one or more employment contracts
  • Regularized through a freelance agreement


Nanny Shares allow families who need relatively few hours to package them together to make the position they offer more appealing. They also help families who need to keep an eye on budget to afford the help they need without compromising on the Nanny’s right to make a solid living.

Yet we understand perfectly well that the prospect of “juggling” allegiance to more than one family can be a daunting prospect for a Nanny.

We will ensure that all the details of the share (bureaucracy, logistics, child rearing styles) are understood by all and put down on paper before the share begins.

We will help our Nannies manage their shares and remain available to them throughout the Share placement so that, if problems arise, the Nanny will not be alone in resolving them.