Nanny Options

  • Nannies can either work through an employment contract, or through a freelance registration. Each way of working is fully legal when managed appropriately, and will count towards childcare related tax rebates if all payments are made via bank transfer.
  • Employment contracts come in three kinds: Mini-Job, Midi-Job and Full-Time. Each kind can be fixed term or open end. Extra Arms will explain the differences between the types of contracts to each family during the Family Consultation, so the family can decide what best applies to their situation.
  • If a family becomes their Nanny’s employer, Extra Arms will assist with the bureaucracy involved, and provide continued mediation and support throughout your Nanny’s placement with you.
  • Freelance Nannies choose to work through a freelance registration, invoicing their clients at regular intervals. Freelance Nannies tend to take short term work, or work involving fewer hours, in order to ensure they do not become “falsely employed” by any one family. Extra Arms will support each family and freelance Nanny throughout each placement, helping them to understand how to structure their relationship appropriately.

Nanny rates

Nanny rates will vary depending on the specific characteristics of the position on offer and the experience and skill set of the Nanny. You should expect your Nanny to cost from sixteen to twenty euros per hour including taxes and social security. Rates will vary depending on set-up, age and number of children, number of hours on offer and specific training, qualifications and experience of your Nanny.

Agency Fees

  • Each family will be charged a Family Consultation fee of 55 euros plus VAT. This covers the initial consultation (whether it takes place in person, or via phone/video chat), a bespoke quote, cost overview and draft job description.
  • If and when the family decided to go ahead and search for a Nanny  through Extra Arms (which will involve Extra Arms notifying all Nannies on the books that the position is on offer, and/or search for the Nanny through other means, sending on applicants’ CVs, organizing and following up on interviews) they will be charged a Search fee of 65 euros plus VAT.
  • Placement fees will be calculated based family income, Nanny compensation and expected length of the placement. The placement fee will become due only if and when you decide to work with a Nanny represented by Extra Arms.
  • For temporary placements (i.e. placements with a fixed end date and or expected to last under 12 weeks), families will be charged 13% of the overall value of the placement, plus VAT.
  • For permanent placements (i.e. placements with no fixed end date and/or expected to last over 12 weeks), families will be charged in an amount equal to 12% of the Nanny’s yearly net compensation (for freelance arrangements, the net equals the Nanny’s hourly rate), plus VAT.
  • For Nanny Shares, the families will split the placement fee among them in any way they see fit.
  • A 10% discount on Nanny Placement fees will be available to all families whose combined income falls under 5000 euros per month gross.
  • Installment options are available to all families upon request.

External Placements

External Placements are those in which a Nanny and family have found each other independently but wish Extra Arms to support in understanding and regularizing their working relationship. For External Placements we charge 1/3 of what we’d charge if the placement was internal.

The process will involve:

  • A 2/3 h consultation with all parties present
  • Drafting of a bilingual document you may use as your contract/agreement if you so choose
  • Supporting contract registration, when appropriate