A Nanny is:


  • A carer of children and a carer of families. Nannies become emotionally relevant figures to both children and adults. They will join in to the life of a family in order to make it easier whenever possible, by offering help, energy, thoughts, imagination, information, points of view and support.

  • A real, whole person. Spending time with a child helps an adult to become better, happier and more aware version of themselves. Caring for families involves intense emotional labor that needs to be acknowledged by all, so that the emotional health of both carers and charges is appropriately looked after.


Practical Nanny duties will vary, but will often include:


  • Being reliable and punctual.

  • Taking care of young babies and children while the parents are not there (sole charge).

  • Taking care of babies and children alongside the family (shared care).

  • Pick-ups and set-downs from schools and kindergartens, or to/from after school activities.

  • Fostering child development through play, participation in daily activities, reading and outings.

  • Liaising with schools and kindergartens as required.

  • Ensuring the children are safe and supervised at all times.

  • Helping with homework.

  • Helping to keep the children’s clothes clean and their rooms and toys tidy.

  • Preparing healthy meals and snacks for the children.


Nannies think hard, and offer parents the chance to reflect.

The act of discussing the reasoning behind each individual’s choices, child or adult, when deciding how to do things, will invariably yield much valuable food for thought for all involved. Nannies will strive to remember that each individual and family’s experiences and needs are unique, and need to be understood in depth.

Nannies are keepers of memories and makers of bonds.

A Nanny’s presence will give a child one more person to love, trust and rely on. Each new bond a child makes will strengthen all others, because “love” is an uncountable noun!

Being a Nanny is a serious business.

Whether they Nanny for a month or many years. We ask that Nannies come prepared to commit in earnest to the job, however long they might be thinking of doing it.

Nannies need care! 

Extra Arms will strive to represent you, introduce you to your peers and be your advocate in obtaining fair working conditions and ensuring your work-life balance is conducive to your happiness and well-being. We provide lasting support before, during and after each placement.

If you have experience caring for children in settings other that professional in-home care, then consider joining one of our Nanny Courses.

They are designed to provide students with the very specific skills that come into play when caring for children outside one’s own circle of family and friends, and without the structure provided by a school or kindergarten.

If you’d like to join a course, but feel you would struggle to afford the fee, please do not hesitate to let us know so we can come to an arrangement that allows you to participate.

We really want our Nannies to own their role and thrive in their work. For more information on courses, please take a look here: http://extra-arms.com/upcoming-events/