This Agency is run by an ex Nanny.

We wish to provide Nannies with all the support they need. Really.

We do not believe in “under the table” work.

Especially in the delicate and risky profession that is childcare. We believe that the peace of mind that comes from working legally and having a dependable income makes for better, more involved and more mindful carers.

We will provide guidance to help Nannies choose the set-up, rate and schedule that best suit their situation.

We will  help you navigate the bureaucratic intricacies of health insurance coverage, employment contract types, freelance work, and Nanny-appropriate liability insurance. We will never pressure anyone to work or register freelance, but if a Nanny wishes or needs to work freelance, we will be there to help them understand how manage their work appropriately.

We’ll mentor.

The Nanny profession is considered, defined and spoken about in very differently ways across the world. We’ll help you understand how to write a CV that describes your experiences in childcare appropriately, and represents you fairly. We’ll help you obtain and gather all the documentation you’ll need to prove your experience and reliability. We’ll never discriminate, always accept the uniqueness of individuals and help each carer understand what it is that they bring to the table, valuing your experiences both within and outside the field of childcare.

We’ll always be there.

To mediate, counsel and support you before, during and after your time with each family. Extra Arms holds an open doors evening each month for all placed Nannies to attend, so they can meet each other, ask each other for advice, share stories, resources and materials. All Nannies we place are offered access to an invitation only FB group so you can always stay in touch and develop your network independently.

We will provide training.

To all those who wish to complement or improve their skill set. We will keep the price of training as low as we can possibly afford, and always ensure we offer flexible payment options so that  all interested carers will be able to take advantage of the courses on offer. Never hesitate to let us know if you’d like to participate in a course but would struggle to afford it: we’ll do our best to work something out. Taking a course to professionalize experience will improve each carer’s chances not only of finding work, but of obtaining better rates of pay. For more information on training, please take a look here: