Nanny Shares


Nanny Shares are arrangements in which a few families pool resources in order to share the care and the cost of a Nanny.

They can be:


  • Vertical, with all hours of care shared and all children looked after together

  • Horizontal, when families share the same Nanny but at different times during the week

  • A combination of vertical and horizontal

  • Fixed, always hosted in the same family home

  • Itinerant, changing location at regular intervals

  • A combination of fixed and itinerant

  • Regularized though an employment contract

  • Regularized through a freelance agreement


Extra Arms is a big fan of Nanny Shares!


  • We have set up the Facebook group “Share a Nanny in Berlin” to help families who want to share a Nanny to find each other. Find and join this group to start talking to other families! You will be under no obligation to search for a Nanny through us, if you choose to use the group.

  • We can put you in touch with other families who want to share a Nanny and are searching for their Nanny Through us.

  • We can help search for Share Families through all other channels available to us.

  • We can advise on what type of set-up would be most appropriate to your Nanny Share.

  • We can help you find your Nanny!


We can help you set up and manage your share:


  • We’ll book you in for a family consultation, and decide together whether to search for your Share family before, after or during your Nanny search.

  • Once the other Share family/families and your Nanny are found, we’ll ensure we schedule as many consultations as necessary to ensure you have a solid plan, and will remain available to all parties throughout the duration of the share to support and help you manage your share.

  • Please take our look here for an overview of our Nanny Search process: