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Nanny or Babysitter?

A Babysitter is:

A carer who will look after a family’s children occasionally and for a few hours whilst the parents are away, for example on a night out, or during a doctor’s appointment. Your and your Babysitter/s will work together not on a fixed schedule, but depending on when you need them and they are available. Your family may need to get to know and work with a couple of Babysitters, because when hours are sporadic and spontaneous, it is very hard for one Sitter to pledge unwavering availability. If you need a Babysitter, please take a look here: http://extra-arms.com/for-families-babysitting/

A Nanny is:

A carer that will commit to working with a family mid to long term. Whether they look after the children ten of fifty-five hours a week, they will become an integral part of family life, building an emotional bond with the children built on the consistency of their presence. If you need a Nanny, you are in the right place.

You need to know that:

Most Nannies will require shifts that are at least three hours long, and searches for positions that entail fewer than 9 hours per week tend to attract significantly fewer candidatures. This is because the Nanny’s commitment in terms of time, energy and logistics is hard to compensate when a Nanny’s services are required for under 9 hours each week, or for under three hours per shift. Shorter shifts and smaller positions may be considered if a family is able to offer higher-than-average hourly rates.

How does a Nanny search work?

  • Extra Arms interviews new candidate Nannies every week. Each interview lasts a minimum of ninety minutes. We ask them to provide us with their CV, references, certificates. We ensure that those who make it to our books, based on their skillset and experience, are ready to work by explaining their set-up options and supporting them in obtaining all the paperwork relative to either being ready to become an employee, or start as a freelancer
  • When your get in touch, we’ll book that family in for a Family Consultation. During the consultation we discuss exactly what that family needs in depth, and explain what Nanny options best suit their situation.
  • We’ll follow up with a detailed cost overview, and draft job description. We will tweak, adjust and re-work your job description until we reach full consensus on the terms of the search.
  • We’ll run with the search, and set  up some interviews. As candidate Nannies come back with interest in the job description, we’ll help schedule interviews with those the family wishes to meet. There will be as many interviews as it takes for the family to select a candidate they wish to offer the position to.
  • Once your Nanny  is found, we’ll have your pre-employment consultation. During which all aspects of the working relationship will be discussed, and put on paper and sent to both parties.
  • Extra Arms will then assist in navigating the bureaucracy! To ensure that your working relationship is safe, legal and dependable.
  • And we’ll be there for you and your Nanny throughout your work together. You can get in touch at any point during the placement, if you come up against any bumps in the road, big or small. We’re here to help.