We have decided to keep the On Demand service going.

We do however, encourage our Sitters and clients to assess risk and discuss the precautions needed to ensure Babyisttings are as safe as possible for all concerned.

Please be prepared to answer a risk assessment questionnaire before we confirm your Babysitting.

We advise that adults adhere to mandated social distancing rules at all times, and that sufficient space and aeration opportunities are available to ensure minimizing contagion risks. The Sitter will need access to a bathroom in which to wash hands thoroughly upon arrival and during the Babysitting. We encourage you to consider offering the Sitter the option to change into indoor clothes upon arrival. Opt for outings whenever possible, so that Sitter and child/children can spend time outdoors. Disinfect surfaces often, and after your Sitter has left.

We believe that striving to limit social contact and commutes is in the best interest of us all. Please help us to support you responsibly.




A Babysitter is:


An experienced carer who will look after a family’s children occasionally and not on a fixed schedule. You may find yourself working with more than one Babysitter, because it will be hard for any one carer to pledge availability if you cannot know in advance when and how often you might need cover. If you need a Babysitter, you are in the right place.


A Nanny is:


A carer that will commit to working with family mid to long term on a fixed schedule. If you need a Nanny, please click here.


Our Sitters are very well known to Extra Arms and can care for children from three months.

Our processing times are 10.00-18.00 Monday to Thursday, and 10.00-15.00 on Fridays.






  • Read our Terms and Conditions of Service to find out about pricing, process and how your data will be handled:

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  • Fill out the form below.

  • Wait while we send a call out to the team and keep an eye on your spam folder!

  • Pay your Sitter at the end of their shift.

  • Wait for Extra Arms’ invoice for the agency’s handling fees.

  • Give us some feedback on your experience!




  • Do ask your Sitter to produce a valid piece of ID upon arrival, and check it against the CV he/she will have been asked to share with you in the email that Extra Arms sent to put you in touch.

  • Provide your Sitter with any and all information regarding the children and your home that he/she will need in order to keep everyone safe!

  • Ensure your Sitter has at least one, ideally two contact numbers for you, and/or the name/address of the location at which you will be spending the night. If there is a chance that you will be hard to get a hold of, provide your Sitter with the number of a next of kin, trusted friend or neighbor they can contact in case of an emergency.