A Babysitter is:

A carer who will look after a family’s children occasionally and for a few hours whilst the parents are away, for example on a night out, or during a doctor’s appointment. Your and your Babysitter/s will work together not on a fixed schedule, but depending on when you need them and they are available.

If you need a Babysitter, you are in the right place.

A Nanny is:

A carer that will commit to working with family mid to long term. Whether they look after the children ten of fifty-five hours a week, they will become an integral part of family life, building an emotional bond with the children built on the consistency of their presence.

If you need a Nanny please follow this link:







  • Fill out the form below.

  • Wait while we send a call out to the team. As soon as a Sitter accepts your request, we will put you in touch with them directly via email. Please keep an eye on your spam folder!

  • Share your address and phone number with your Sitter.

  • Pay your Sitter at the end of their shift.

  • Wait for Extra Arms’ invoice for the agency’s handling fees.

  • Give us some feedback on your experience!


  • All our terms and conditions are decided through consensus reached through discussion between of Extra Arms and the Sitters team.

  • You are free to repeat-request a Sitter you already know, but they will not always be available for you, depending on their other commitments. Each new request must be made through Extra Arms.

  • Extra Arms does not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religious affiliation. Expect Sitters to come in all colors, shapes and sizes! All Sitters you’ll meet have passed our vetting procedure and are deemed capable to the best of our knowledge.

  • Extra Arms charges a handling fee of 5 euros (plus VAT) for one session babysittings, or 10% of the overall value of the babysitting (plus VAT) for babysittings composed of more than one session.

  • Our Sitters charge 15 euros per hour. They will consider requests for a minimum of three hours up to a maximum of three months within the Berlin city area. Some of our Sitters may need to charge VAT.

  • You will be expected to pay your Sitter for the full requested babysitting, even if you come home early, and compensate your Sitter for any delays in 15 minute increments (i.e if you were due to relieve your Sitter at 23.00 and you arrive at 23.10 you should pay an extra 15 minutes’ worth of the hourly rate). You should strive to avoid delays and keep your Sitter posted should there be any.

  • For Babysittings ending after 24.00 on weekdays, and after 1am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the families will be required to provide the Sitter with the taxi fare home, or drive him/her home, provided the Sitter agrees.

  • If you need your Sitter to work on a “special” occasion, such as a public holiday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Halloween or St.Valentine’s day, you may need to make an offer higher than the usual 15 euros per hour rate. Your offer will be passed on to the Sitters and Extra Arms will mediate to ensure you reach an agreement that suits both parties.

  • We will attach a document detailing your revocation rights to the email that will put you in touch with your Sitter.

  • You should always inform your Sitter if you or your children are ill and/or contagious on the day of the shift. Your Sitter may choose not to go through with the booking in case if you or your children are ill.

  • Extra Arms cannot guarantee that we will fulfill every request.

  • We will share the email address you use to communicate with us with your Sitter as soon as he/she comes back with interest for your request.

  • Extra Arms is not responsible for the actions of third parties. Although Extra Arms requires carers to produce an up to date Pediatric First Aid Certificate and to submit a clear criminal record disclosure in order to take part in this service, you ultimately use the service at your own risk.



  • Do ask your Sitter to produce a valid piece of ID upon arrival, and check it against the CV he/she will have been asked to share with you in the email that Extra Arms sent to put you in touch.

  • Provide your Sitter with any and all information regarding the children and your home that he/she will need in order to keep everyone safe!

  • Ensure your Sitter has at least one, ideally two contact numbers for you, and/or the name/address of the location at which you will be spending the night. If there is a chance that you will be hard to get a hold of, provide your Sitter with the number of a next of kin, trusted friend or neighbor they can contact in case of an emergency.