Every family needs help.

Families who approach Extra Arms will not only often be new at being parents, they will also be new to their role of Nanny employer, or Nanny client, and deserve to be supported on their journey. Working with a Nanny should improve a family’s quality of life, lowering stress levels, and providing respite. In order to ensure that this is the case, Extra Arms will be there to help you navigate this new kind of interaction and get to the point where your work together flows smoothly.


Nanny work is important, complex work requiring specialized skills and involving a great responsibility: ensuring the well being and safety of young children. Nannies need to earn enough within a safe and reliable set-up, so that they can be fully present, engaged and aware during their time with their charges. Nanny quality of life has a direct impact on the quality of care they will be able to provide, and we feel it is the job of a Nanny Agency to help “our” Nannies to find a good balance between life and work.


We do not present families with ready made Nanny “packages”. Instead, we sit together, ask what they need, explain what is possible, and support them in making an informed choice with regards to what is best for their family.


We remain available to all our families throughout their time working with one of our Nannies. We want you to have the best possible experience of Nanny-care, and help you manage your relationship with your Nanny. Sometimes all you need is someone to hear you: we like our work as supporters of families thoroughly.