Giulia Baldisserri started working as a babysitter when she was 14 years old. She is now thirty-four, has twelve years’ experience under her belt working as a professional Nanny across Italy, Spain, London and Berlin, during which she had the pleasure of caring for a total of thirteen children and their families.

She founded Extra Arms in 2015 and thoroughly enjoys her new role as a carer not only of children and families, but also of Nannies. She hopes Extra Arms will grow to become a community of carers and families that support each other, share knowledge, resources and the fight for quality of care and fair working conditions.

Silvia Procopio comes from a creative background in theater and cinema production.

She joined Extra Arms in early 2019, much to Giulia’s relief, and put her skills to work gradually reshaping the agency’s promotional concept and materials, taking charge of the the agency’s social media presence and managing the Nanny books.

She is the mother of two beautiful children, and  is able to bring a parent’s perspective to the agency’s work. Her core values are respect, self-determination, reliability and trust, making her precisely the pair of Extra Arms this agency needed.